Zalmhuys Van Wijnen produces smoked salmon specialities. We supply these to industry, foodservice and retail under our own brand and private label. Our salmon arrives fresh every day and is processed with great love by an expert team. Zalmhuys Van Wijnen works together with Het Urker Zalmhuys and is part of Zalmhuys Group.
Superior salmon specialties
The tastiest salmon products with a wonderful, well-balanced flavour.
Premium quality Guaranteed
Only the best salmon is selected to meet the highest quality standards.
Authentic by tradition
Our salmon is smoked traditionally on a blend of fragrant wood chips.

One Company.

Four brands
Zalmhuys Van Wijnen has four brands in the product portfolio: Hendricks and Hendricks Choice are directed to the consumer market, John Orrin is our brand for Scottish salmon and Van Wijnen is exclusive for food professionals.
Named after our founder
A complete assortment of cold and hot smoked salmon products in retail-ready packaging.
Hendricks Choice
Specialties and premiums
Hendricks Choice is our premium product line for retail-ready salmon products. Specialties and premiums such as salmon carpaccio, sashimi, tartar and seasonal products.
John Orrin
Smoked Scottish Salmon
From the pristine waters around Scotland we catch sustainable farmed salmon. Our premium quality Scottish smoked salmon is traditionally smoked with a blend of fragrant wood chips. John Orrin smoked Scottish salmon has a delicate texture, wonderful flavour and is perfectly balanced.
Van Wijnen
Smoked salmon for food professionals
The brand for food professionals. These products are specially selected and packaged for use in food service and catering. Our bestseller is portion controlled salmon, each slice is of the same weight, making it perfect for catering and sandwich/bagel producers.
Your partner for private label solutions
Experts by years of experience
Delicious, innovative products
Developed by our in-house product developers
Different salmon species
That can be cold or hot smoked

Private Label

Your brand, our perfect salmon.

Zalmhuys Van Wijnen offers cold and hot smoked salmon that is custom processed to your specifications. We are your partner for your complete smoked salmon range. We have different salmon species available and a wide range of packaging possibilities.

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Our specialties

Smoked, marinated, portioned and more
Cold smoked
Farmed in the cold crystal clear waters of the Norwegian fjords, the pristine waters around Scotland or wild Red Sockeye salmon caught in Alaska, our cold smoked salmon is always traditionally smoked on fragrant wood chips.
Hot smoked
Hot smoked salmon steak natural, or with a delicate seasoning of garlic and pepper, our hot smoked salmon is delicious and juicy.
We produce a wide range of specialties such as salmon carpaccio, portion controlled salmon, salmon tartar and gravad lachs.

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